Science says singing is good for you

It's official - singing really IS good for your health. We all feel better for a good sing when a favourite tune comes on the radio, and all you Singalongers know how buzzing we all were at the last Singalongamusical event!

Real science has been done by real scientists, to work out just why it is that we get that good feeling. Apparently, our bodies produce endorphins when we sing, and these feel-good hormones are linked to our emotional well being. Not only that, but singing lowers our blood pressure; and all that good deep breathing we're doing when we sing brings greater oxygenation of the blood stream. This means that we become more mentally alert. Our posture is improved, and our sinuses are clearer after singing. With this many physical and mental health benefits, Singalongamusical should be available on prescription.

Music making in general is one of the only activities that stimulates and uses both hemispheres of the brain at the same time, making us singers practically super-humans!

So next time you're feeling a bit mouldy or unhealthy, stick on a song that makes you want to join in and sing along. I promise you'll feel better for it!

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