10 things you (probably) didn't know about Anna-Jane Casey


We caught up with Anna Jane Casey, currently rehearsing for Mack and Mabel at the Chichester Festival Theatre, and headlining at The Follow Spot at Proud Cabaret Brighton on Sunday 21st June and asked her a few important questions...

What has been your worst job?

Worst job was bring a barmaid at my mates opening of his bar in Chelsea...I've never mixed a cocktail in my life and had to be helped out by a polo shirt wearing customer called Piers!

And the best?

Best job was the first rehearsal period of Forbidden Broadway in 2009...never laughed so much in my life!

What would be your dream part?

Dream part is either Fanny Brice in FUNNY GIRL or being cast in a channel 4 sitcom with my sister. THAT would be my best job...!

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasure is eating ice cream in the sofa when the kids are in bed. I can finish a whole pot of Ben and Jerrys in less than 17 minutes.

And a biggest bugbear?

Biggest bugbear are slow drivers...I move at double the speed of most people which is probably why I've got 6 points on my license and I've done two speed awareness courses!

Is there anything that people really don’t know about you?

People may not know I'm a marathon runner...oh and I like to eat raw sausages.

Have you ever been starstruck?

Star struck moment was when my husband was in Guys and Dolls with Ewan Macgregor and Ewan put his arm round my waist for 6 minutes at a party. I literally couldn't breathe. He had charisma dripping from every pore.

What would you get up and do at a Karaoke?

Karaoke song of choice is Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice or Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry. I love a cheesy rap.

And which CD would you take to a desert island?

Desert Island disc would have to be Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life. The man's a god.

What was the last lie you told?

Last time I told a lie was to my kids that if they play on my iPad too much they won't get enough fresh air and so won't be as intelligent or successful at school. I think lies have to be STRONG when it comes to kids.

Anna-Jane will be talking to BBC Radio Sussex at 1.30pm on Tuesday 16th June and for more information on The Follow Spot and our chosen charity The Teenage Cancer Trust, visit: www.westendonsea.com